Contained on this site are interviews from photographic creatives that support knowledge and community, while providing vision and inspiration in their pursuits. Written here are the thoughts, ideas, and efforts of those who have excelled in their medium. They are starting points and roads to travel, in search of your own process and goals.

This is by no means an authoritative statement, but an exploration and a work in progress. Knowledge is essential to what we do, with any positive direction taken being worthwhile, and hopefully is to anyone who gleans even the smallest scrap from the words written here. I hope you enjoy these interviews and images, and always welcome your ideas and criticisms. It takes a village.

Regular featured interviews will be posted every two weeks. Occasionally, we will post interviews conducted from partnered sources as they become available. These will be announced on our home page as well as all of our social media channels.

If an interview was conducted and posted elsewhere before appearing here, then a note will appear at the bottom with a link to direct you to its origination. Credit where credit is due.

Inform. Educate. Inspire.

Founding Editor: Michael Kirchoff

Michael Kirchoff is a photographic artist and Editor in Chief at Analog Forever Magazine. Based in Los Angeles, Michael conducts artist interviews, presents features, and curates fine art photography bodies of work from emerging and mid career photographic artists worldwide for the magazine.

Michael is also an independent curator and juror for a number of organizations and galleries around the country, including Critical Mass. During his ten years on the Board of Directors at the American Photographic Artists L.A. Chapter (APA/LA), his guidance helped produce events and artist lectures for both commercial and fine art photographers. His consulting, training, and overall support of his fellow photographic artist continues with assistance in constructing ones vision, reviewing portfolios, and finding exhibition opportunities. Michael also served for over four years as Editor at Blur Magazine from 2014-2018.

Why Catalyst?

Catalyst: Interviews is born out of my own thirst for knowledge, as well as a deep curiosity for the creative process. Using the word catalyst simply denotes the fact that at a point in our creative lives there was a spark, an instance of passion for the medium that started us down a path to image making. How others create their work and projects is something I’ve always appreciated and learned from. In addition, I can recall giving interviews for blogs and publications in the past, and realizing that as I was doing them, I was also learning about myself and becoming even more connected to what I was doing as a photographic artist. Questions about our work, our process, or ourselves are often triggers to a deeper understanding of what we do. This site is my concept for housing this knowledge as a way for others to learn from.

When I started doing interviews for Blur Magazine, I quickly realized how much I'd enjoyed doing them, and wanted an outlet to do more. Being involved in photography for over thirty years, from student to professional, I hadn't really thought of adding a journalistic approach to my career, but I am finding it to be a very helpful and satisfying endeavor.

One final aspect to doing this is that when I wanted to propel my fine art photography forward I received quite a lot of support and guidance along the way. This has become a way of feeding my curiosities while giving back to an arts community that has been so kind over the years. I wish for the words and images included here to support and encourage others who desire a similar positive experience. I believe that this truly benefits all of us. I hope you like what you find.